Residential HVAC Design with Optional Intro to SpecPro©

Residential HVAC Design with Optional Intro to SpecPro©

Date: Decmeber 13, 2012
Time: 8am-5pm
Location: Ambridge Events Center, St. Johns Room
Address: 1333 NE MLK Jr. Blvd., Portland OR 97232
Trainer: Bruce Manclark and Thomas Anreise
Cost: HVAC design class is $35, the introduction to SpecPro is FREE.
Brought to you by: Northwest ENERGY STAR® Homes
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Residential HVAC Design (8am-3pm)

This training will focus on making homes more comfortable and meeting the requirements of ENERGY STAR ® Version 3. We will examine HVAC design from the contractor’s perspective and outline a process that recognizes the time and budget constraints of the new housing market. The training will also cover heat loss/heat gain, equipment selection, fan performance, duct design and register and grille selection. This training is a mandatory requirement for HVAC contractors installing systems in the Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes program and is recommended for at least one member of your company’s design team. It is designed for audience participation, including hands-on exercises.

Introduction to SpecPro HVAC Design Software* (3pm-5pm)

This section of the class is an introduction to SpecPro, an online HVAC design tool used to meet the sizing and design requirements of ENERGY STAR Version 3. SpecPro is easy-to-use and tailored to the requirements of the Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes program, making data input fast and simple. Contractors completing the class receive a complimentary SpecPro license through 2012. PLEASE BRING A LAPTOP for this portion of the training.


Bruce Manclark: Bruce brings nationally recognized leadership in residential energy efficiency technical training and implementation of conservation programs. Bruce has specialized in delivering energy conservation services, implementing residential energy conservation programs, performing energy audits and inspections, and delivering technical training to energy auditors, inspectors, HVAC contractors, and community college students. As a previous owner of his own HVAC consulting company, Delta T, Bruce contributed to the completion more than 20,000 home inspections.