About SpecPro

About SpecPro

SpecPro Overview

SpecPro was developed to help residential HVAC contractors meet the latest energy and building codes quickly and easily without the excessive data entry required by other sizing and design tools on the market. This unique online tool does the job of much more expensive industry software programs in far less time. SpecPro users can go from accurately sizing load and demand to printing out design specifications in about 30 minutes - much less than the average two hours per home needed when using other software tools.

SpecPro was tested at a national level and demonstrated consistent results with other ACCA-approved software and ACCA Manual J and Manual D calculations. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) supported this evaluation and a complete copy of the report is available upon request.

What You Get with SpecPro

  • The fastest, easiest, most cost-effective HVAC sizing and design solution on the market
  • A modern web browser interface to simplify your sizing and design process and to keep information on hand in the office or out in the field
  • Quick data entry that takes approximately a quarter of the time required by other tools
  • Detailed, printable specification reports for every installation
  • Accurate heat transfer and load sizing
  • Convenient online purchase and registration
  • Dedicated training and support for SpecPro users

How It Works

  1. Purchase and register your SpecPro license on this website for complete access to the tool.
  2. Enter your project information. SpecPro comes with pre-populated data libraries that save you time on every install. When you select an energy program, state code or other building program, SpecPro automatically updates 23 inputs for you.
  3. Follow SpecPro’s easy step-by-step sizing and design process, which is intuitive for professional HVAC contractors familiar with Manuals J and D.
  4. Use SpecPro's final summary report to easily perform quality assurance, help streamline the building code approval process and take advantage of energy incentive programs when available from manufacturers and utilities.