Faster, easier & more affordable

Developed to help residential HVAC contractors meet the latest energy and building codes, this unique online tool does the job of much more expensive industry software programs in far less time and at a fraction of the cost.


Save time & increase productivity

SpecPro users can go from accurately sizing HVAC load and demand to printing design specifications in about 30 minutes, using much less data than other tools.

SpecPro can help you:

  • Make HVAC design faster, easier and more accurate, with less data entry than other tools.
  • Save time and money – SpecPro is more cost-effective than other expensive software programs.
  • Easily verify that your design meets energy program and code requirements.

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The SpecPro Difference

  • Faster, easier and more cost-effective than other HVAC software
  • Enables you to design to code more efficiently with less data
  • Delivers a quick estimate using basic house information or a detailed quote when you enter room specifics
  • Easy web-based interface, giving you the flexibility to access SpecPro from most computing devices

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Who's Using SpecPro?

SpecPro is the HVAC sizing and design tool recommended by the Northwest ENERGY STAR® Homes program.